Tips for a move without surprises…

Moving Advice 1
  • Be sure to make all changes of address as soon as you receive any mail.
  • Contact all doctors, dentists and any other specialists treating members of your family.
  • Communicate with all your financial institutions.
  • Inform your local utility services of your moving date (Hydro, Telephone, Gas) to coordinate with them for the installations at your new address.
  • Make sure to inform your children’s school that you are moving.
Moving Advice 2
  • Determine which items you will pack yourself and those that will be packed by our movers.
  • Prepare a list of telephone numbers you need to keep handy.
  • Determine the number of boxes and all the necessary material to properly pack your items.
  • Remember that you will have to move all your domestic animals and green plants yourself.
Moving Advice 3
  • Provide for means of transportation for your domestic animals and all items that the movers won’t move themselves (Gas and propane tanks).
  • Dismantle all fragile furniture and remove breakable glass components and pack them separately from all other items.
Moving Advice 4
  • Collect and gather all your pre-identified boxes in a single room or location.
  • Identify the items that you will need immediately upon arrival. They will be loaded last and unloaded first so that you can access them right away.
  • Defrost and empty your freezer to prevent damages to other items.
Moving Advice 5
  • In order to save time, make sure to be on location when the movers arrive. Try to provide a parking space to prevent our truck from blocking the street. If you really cannot be on location, make sure someone else is there.
  • Inspect the condition of your furniture before they are loaded into the truck and when they are unloaded.
  • Be sure to verify the address on the contract to ensure that the movers know exactly where they are going. Provide a phone number to reach you in case of need.
  • Be ready to pay the driver with cash money, Visa or MasterCard.
Moving list
  • List of persons and companies that need to know that you are moving:
    Post Office, Doctors, Dentist, Drugstore, Schools, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Creditors, Hydro-Québec, Gaz Métro, Newspapers Subscriptions, Cable Company, SAAQ, Daycare Centers, etc.